Microcement - the favorite interior design solution for any room!

modern livingroom with red sofa and blue chairs with green plant

Microcement is taking the interior design world by storm - and for a good reason

It's a material that works for any room and any style! IMCD Finland offers a complete portfolio for microcement no matter what the use and desired outcome is.
modern bathroom in red and blue design built with microcement

The Bathroom


Microcement has transformed bathroom renovations during the past years due to its decorativeness, high performance and versatility. In order to renew a bathroom with microcement, there is no need to make structural changes or even remove old layers or coatings. Microcement can be used on floors and walls but also bathroom countertops and furniture. Microcement is completely water- and slip- resistant when used with the right sealant and therefore an excellent choice of coating for a bathroom environment where constant moist is a significant factor when choosing materials. IMCD Sweden offers a complete portfolio for microcement in bathroom regardless of style, color or texture - the choice is yours!


The Kitchen


In the kitchen microcement is a perfect coating giving your countertops a seamless surface. Resistant to water and easy to clean, microcement helps you create a unified and elegant look to your kitchen, from flooring and walls to table surfaces. Microcement works in any colour and you can easily create structure to give the cement a unique look. Some of the best features of microcement are that the application does not require costly tools and with some skills and patience, it's even a DIY-suitable solution. Once coated with correct products, microcement is waterproof and food safe. IMCD Sweden offers two different solutions for microcement. We are the first ones in the market to offer a fast-setting formulation, perfect for flooring since you can walk on the coating after only 3-4 hours of application. The fast-setting microcement also provides a harder surface and is a great option for floor coating.

modern kitchen with red an blue design on microcement
turning staircase painted red and original microcement colour



Public Environment


With public interior spaces such as schools, hospitals, offices and airports the features are ambitious and demanding: the spaces must be durable and easy to clean but also hold a good image. Most preferably, the design should be timeless in order to avoid costly renovations.

Microcement offers all of these qualities and more! Microcement is jointless and works well for most spaces. Even better, it can be applied on all surfaces, be it floor or wall, stairs or ceiling.

The Benefits: 


  • Does not require costly tools to apply

  • It forms a strong and durable surface 

  • Waterproof when sealed, and anti-slip 

  • Food safe when sealed correctly 

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • DIY-suitable

Technical details...

We at IMCD have created a formulation for a fully ready product for different finishes and colours - both fast and slow setting:
IMCD is the first to offer fast-setting (mostly for flooring): you can walk on the microcement after 3 to 4 hours and finish it sooner. Provides harder surface (recommended for floor). The fast-setting formulation is totally free from lithium carbonate. Normal setting microcement allows longer workability times. Transparent polyurethane layer is used for protecting floors, countertops, walls and other fixtures.
The finish is up to you - it can be smooth or with texture. Microcement can be applied to all substrates, no need to renovate or remove layers. Perhaps the best part is that microcement can be used both a professional or DIY!

IMCD offers primer products, as well as polyurethane - gloss or matt - sky is the limit for your creations.
Microcement is a 2K system, all you need to do is blend in liquid polymer and your finished product is ready.

Our Lab Capabilities at IMCD  Finland

Coatings & Construction Laboratory

Alena Simunic

Technical Manager Coatings & Construction

Alena graduated with a master's degree in analytical chemistry, at Lund University. After several years working at one of the main producers of self-levelling floors in Sweden she joined IMCD in 2017. She is now the Technical Manager for the Coatings & Construction laboratory in Malmö. She is an expert in construction products, flooring systems and has experience of self-levelling floors, tile adhesive, joint filler, mortars, decorative paint and coating formulations. She works closely with customers and main principals creating new developing projects in coating and construction.

Alena Simunic Technical Manager IMCD Nordics
Fredrik Wintring Lab Technologist IMCD Nordics

Fredrik Wintring

Lab Technologist Coatings & Construction

Fredrik has worked for IMCD since 2008 and has a long and solid background working with supporting our customers and suppliers. After spending many years in the forefront of our daily business, Fredrik got an opportunity to join our technical team in the Coatings & Construction laboratory. He is currently specializing in construction, working mainly with development projects for self-levelling floors and tile adhesives.

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