IMCD joining an exciting partnership with Sunbloom Proteins

This collaboration aims to transform the market with the introduction of patented, plant-based functional proteins derived from sunflower seeds.

Within the world of Food & Nutrition, exciting new developments are occurring at a record pace. As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of food and ingredient choices in promoting health and preserving our unique planet, the demand for innovation is on the rise.

IMCD is proud to be in an exciting partnership with Sunbloom Proteins, part of Avril Group. This collaboration aims to transform the market with the introduction of patented, plant-based functional proteins derived from sunflower seeds. Sunbloom Proteins innovative approach to sustainable food production, developed in Germany and manufactured in Hungary, offers a versatile and eco-friendly alternative for both complementing as well as replacing existing plant and animal proteins. The sunflower proteins primarily as functional ingredients in food and beverage applications.

Sunbloom Proteins patented production process yields a plant-based sunflower protein with a 60% protein content. Its bright color and neutral taste make it perfect for various milk substitutes and dairy-free products. Rich in dietary fibres and polyphenols, sunflower proteins are ideal for extruded products used in meat substitutes or high-protein cereals. Additionally, the product exhibits excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties, serving as a versatile alternative to egg and milk proteins, especially in vegan baked goods, sauces, and dressings.

Moreover, the sunflower protein is GMO-free, allergen-free, and derived through a sustainable processes. Sunbloom Proteins maximizes the utilization of sunflower seeds for human consumption and eliminates the need for additional acreage.

With our combined knowledge and experience, we aim to inspire our customers in the Nordics and Baltics to develop products that meet modern demands for sustainability, innovation, and health.

IMCD offers a variety of plant-based concepts and Ready-to-Use solutions. Get a taste of the IMCD Instant Vegan Burger: Healthy Inside Out

Consumer demands on meat substitutes are clear: consumers want the typical mouthfeel and delicious taste when they bite into a vegan or vegetarian burger. In addition to authentic colour both before and after cooking, appetizing taste and meat-like bite, the focus is on saving time and ease of use.

The IMCD Instant Vegan Burger: Healthy Inside Out

Our meatless burger concept aims to meet the growing demand for vegan products with high nutritional value. The powder for our burger patty is a cost-effective solution, scores with an extended shelf life, is easy to store and not only saves energy during preparation, but also time during preparation: Simply add ice-cold water, mix and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, the end consumer only has to shape the burger mixture and cook it in the pan.  


Concept highlights of the IMCD Instant Vegan Burger:

  • High in protein
  • High fibre
  • Long shelf life
  • Instant / quick preparation
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective alternative to Ready to Eat products
  • Great tasting plant-based burger with meaty-like texture and good cuttability.

Ingredient functionality:


  • Textured sunflower protein: Once hydrated, it adds structure and texture to the burger and improves bite.
  • Sunflower protein concentrate: Has a good ability to bind water and fat. Improves quality of emulsions and gels, as well as improves the nutritional value. 
  • Oat fibre: Enriches the burger with fibre and also improves bite and texture, maintaining cohesiveness during cooking.
  • Insoluble fibre: Improves water binding & bite, providing juiciness. Positive effect on freeze/thaw stability. 
  • Potato starch: Low gelatinization temperature and semi-firm gel to obtain the right meat-like texture and bite after cooking.
  • Coconut fat powder: To improve creaminess and mouthfeel. Ideal solution for instant applications.
  • Colouring foodstuff: The mixture of concentrates of various natural foods, e.g. beetroot concentrate and acerola cherry juice powder allows a colour change from bloody red to a natural brown when pan frying.
  • Natural flavours: The mixture of different flavours enables a meaty taste, as well as masking of the vegetable protein.

Find out more about the latest meat-analogue product innovation from our IMCD Nordics Food & Nutrition experts: Healthy nutrition meets sustainable raw materials with full flavour - in 30 minutes on your plate!


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