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Across all major food segments, our expertise and innovative mindset enable us to question conventions and seek out ways to do things better. Our specialist teams are organised by segment and focus on the creation of future-facing formulations that give your business a real competitive advantage.

Experts Across Markets

Our global presence, in-depth local knowledge and unrivalled technical capabilities mean we have all the ingredients you need to tap into the latest consumer demands with highly relevant solutions.
We also focus on nutritional enrichment to create products that meet health and wellness needs. Finally, we work in partnership to find plant-based, eco-efficient and sustainable solutions for the modern world.

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

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Animal Nutrition

We offer animal nutrition solutions for livestock and domestic pets, with ingredients sourced from top-quality suppliers.

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Bakery & Snacks

From label-friendly products to adding nutritional value, IMCD Food & Nutrition creates innovative solutions that deliver the sweet taste of success to your business. 

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From sugar-free and calorie-controlled options to exotic mixes and fermented beverages, we’ll provide you with the know-how and the high-quality ingredients to revamp your formulations.

woman in orange jacket eating chocolate in the forest
Confectionary & Chocolate

From nostalgic treats to high-end delicacies, confectionary and chocolate products are the ultimate ‘mood food’ for consumers of all ages. We provide alternatives such as sugar-free or calorie reduced confectionary and chocolate products. 

sibling girls in blue dresses eating orange ice cream in the afternoon
Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

From indulgent desserts and ice creams to lactose-free sugar reduced dairy drinks and delicious plant-based alternatives, we help you to choose the right ingredients that create the right texture with a delicious taste.

dark haired woman eating protein bar after a run

From proteins to fibres, prebiotics and smart carbohydrates, people are looking to make better, healthier choices to boost immunity and improve physical and mental wellness.

woman with orange beanie eating dinner in a car
Savoury & Meat Alternatives

In the savoury and meat alternatives market, shoppers are looking for delicious, easy-to-consume and good quality products that also deliver balanced nutrition. We provide an extensive clean label portfolio for convenience foods, ready-to-eat or precooked meals, soups and sauces.

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