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Our Home Care and I&I team offers a comprehensive range of high-value speciality chemicals used for manufacturing household, industrial and institutional cleaning products

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We help our customers facilitate cleaning and sanitising wherever people gather: at home, at work and in our public institutions.

Supported by industry-leading technical expertise and market knowledge, we help our partners get to market fast with solutions that meet the growing and evolving demands of their customers.

Whether you are looking to improve an existing formulation, or innovate to find a new solution, our experts are here to help.

Read on to explore our markets and don't hesitate to contact us when you're ready to get started.

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Home Care
woman hanging clean laundry in the back yard
Laundry Care

Consumer products for machine or hand washing, both pre- and post-treatment including liquids, powders, tablets, gel detergents, laundry aids and fabric conditioners.

a person filling the dish washer with different colored plates

Consumer products for hand or automatic dishwash including liquids, tablets, gels and dishwash aids.

a person with blue gloves cleaning a kitchen stove
Cleaning & Surface Care

Consumer products to clean, protect and freshen hard surfaces or fabric coverings, such as liquids, wipes, powders and aerosols, surface protection and other specialist cleaning products.

a blue car being washed at car wash
Automotive Care

Consumer products for interior and exterior cleaning, freshening and polishing of vehicles.

a man sitting on a white sofa breathing in clean air
Air Care

Air freshening or specialist products used to freshen, deodorise, fragrance, or create ambience, such as sprays, gels, tablets or candles.

Industrial & Institutional Care
a person filling an industrial laundry machine with clothes

Fabric washing, conditioning and cleaning products used by commercial laundry or dry cleaning premises and on-site laundries in hospitals and hotels.

two chefs cleaning a restaurant kitchen
Institutional & Catering

Professional products used in retail, offices, hotels, restaurants and institutions for cleaning and care including floor care, food preparation surfaces, washrooms and hospital premises.

person in a restaurant cleaning dishes
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Professional products used to clean or sanitise premises involved in the manufacturing, bottling or processing of food, beverages, dairy and other products.

a person in front of a blue car with dirty clothes holding two wrenches
Vehicle & Machinery

Products for the cleaning and surface protection of vehicles and those for the heavy-duty cleaning of industrial plants, manufacturing equipment and premises.

workers cleaning a white covered metal construction
Technical Cleaning

Products for surface preparation, cleaning and protection aids during industrial manufacturing.

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