Carbon fiber is used for its high strength to weight ratio. Compared to woven fabrics, the fibers in multiaxial non-crimp fabrics are not woven but laid parallel to each other and stitched together. This special alignment enables the fibers to absorb loads without undulations. Depending on the fiber orientation ( 0°/ 90°/+45°/-45° /60° ..), the type of Tow (3 to 50K) and the surfacic density per direction (layer); a very wide range of Carbon Multiaxial can be offered from total weight 300 gr/M2 to 1 kg /M2 (or more ); Standard width is 127cm but some items can be offered wider up to 3meters and more


  • High level of stiffness and compressive strength
  • Excellent fatigue stress at dynamic load exposure
  • Very low thermal expansion
  • Possibility of building high thickness in one step
  • Possibility of tailor-made constructions to maximize carbon fiber content in the load directions

1 Trade grade

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