TUBALL™ MATRIX is a line of concentrates based on TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes specifically designed to provide superior electrical conductivity to various materials, while retaining and even enhancing mechanical properties, and with minimal impact on the host matrix.


  • TUBALL™ MATRIX can be used as a universal additive, greatly improving the properties of most materials, including elastomers, thermosets and thermoplastics.
  • TUBALL™ MATRIX is widely used as a conductive additive to impart anti-static and ESD properties. Depending on the specific requirements, the working dosage is in the range of 0.1–1 wt.% in the final compound.
  • TUBALL™ MATRIX is also increasingly being used as a reinforcing additive in various types of materials, allowing the production of lightweight, strong, smart, conductive and colored products.
  • A unique feature of TUBALL™ MATRIX is ability to be easily embed into standard production processes at the stage of mixing.
  • In fact, TUBALL™ MATRIX is a new technological platform, based on which application for improving numerous materials are developed.
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Independent of humidity
  • Permanent and uniform electrical conductivity without insulative “hot spots”
  • Maintained or even enhanced mechanical properties

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