Hydrophilic GRANHYDROGELS are non-drying glyceryl polyacrylate gels characterized by their high power of water retention. GRANHYDROGELS do not dry when exposed to air for long durations or even when subjected to vacuum pressure. Their clathrate, or lattice structure, holds water tightly through hydrogen bonding and van der Waals interaction. GRANHYDROGELS are superb moisturizers, provide nice sensory feels, and are particularly useful for applications in transparent formulas Excellent sensory modifiers, GRANHYDROGELS are provided with different ranged viscosities and preservative options to satisfy global customer requests.


  • Cold process, ease of use and scale up
  • Crystal clear appearance, immediate solubility in water
  • Can be used in spray applications
  • Good sensory modifiers in all formulations
  • Strong moisturizing properties
  • No neutralization needed
  • Broad formula pH from 5-11
  • Use level of 5-40% formula dependent
  • Applications include (but are not limited to) Skin care creams, gels, and serums, Body and hair care formulations, Sun and post-sun care products, Pigmented and color cosmetic formulations, Men’s grooming and post-shave products
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing
  • Regulatory approval: Global status

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