inci-name: Glyceryl Stearate


Lexemul 515 MB is a neutral, non self-emulsifying grade of glyceryl monostearate. Lexemul 515 MB can be used as a secondary or auxiliary emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, opacifier, amphiphilic bodying agent and emollient in nonionic, anionic or cationic w/o and o/w emulsions, and surfactant systems. Lexemul 515 MB can also be used as a polar emollient in non-aqueous systems. Lexemul 515 MB in conjunction with a primary emulsifier will produce emulsions of the same rich, smooth texture that is typical of the self-emulsifying Lexemul T, Lexemul AR, and Lexemul AS emulsifiers. When combined with small amounts of water-soluble surfactants, Lexemul 515 MB can form lamellar liquid crystalline and/or crystalline gel phases in emulsions containing a large water phase. Lexemul 515 MB does not contain animal derived raw materials.

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