Zirconium Oxynitrate is a strongly acidic, clear aqueous solution, occasionally appearing slightly brown. Naturally occurring temperature extremes have little or no effect on this product. Any precipitate that might form due to exposure to extreme cold will in most cases readily re-dissolve with agitation.


  • - Crosslinker for adhesives, textiles and antiperspirants
  • - Precursor material for manufacturing other zirconium chemicals
  • - Anti-slip agent and catalyst in silicone emulsion/ resin water repellent systems
  • - Acidic source of zirconium, when the presence of sulfate or chloride ions is undesirable
  • - Agent for the precipitation of acid dyestuffs in pigment reduction
  • - Gelling agent/crosslinker in the formulation of polyvinyl alcohol films (for acidic conditions, where organic content/aroma of Zirconium Acetate is undesirable)
  • - Ceramic binding agent
  • - Catalysis binder applications
  • - Crosslinker for refractories
  • - Binder for cement and drilling muds
  • - Foundry binders

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