Zirmel Series of products consist of a clear, aqueous alkaline solution of stabilized potassium zirconium carbonate, offering all the benefits of Bacote, and available in multiple concentrations. In applications where an ammoniacal odor is considered undesirable or unacceptable, Zirmel is recommended. Zirmel products are effective inorganic crosslinkers suitable for practically all types of pigmented paper and paperboard applications.


  • - Formaldhyde-free and Ammonia-free – Environmentally conscious
  • - Rapid cure – No need for elevated temperatures or extended curing time
  • - Effective with all commonly used binders − Starch, CMC, casein, proteins, carboxylated latex, dextrin, styrene acrylic, PVOH, etc.
  • - Improved printability – Achieved through optimal water resistance, an open coating structure, reduction of contact angle and uniform distribution of binders throughout the coating reducing mottle
  • - No adverse effects on optical properties – No time or heat exposure yellowing
  • - FDA and BfR approved – Used in direct contact with aqueous, fatty and dry foods

1 Trade grade

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