The CheeseMaker range of potato-based modified starches gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for your plant-based cheese solutions – with recipes that are easy to process and customised directly to your needs. CheeseMaker ingredients provide a cost-effective alternative to more expensive animal based proteins and work ideally for plant-based cheese solutions. Design the functionality, texture and melt you desire with KMC's modified and clean label starches for plant-based, cost-optimized and easy to use block cheese solutions. KMC's CheeseMaker range build texture and enable you to customize your products. Create different cheese alternatives, such as individually wrapped slices (IWS), slice-on-slice (SoS), cheese blocks, hard cheese, white cheese, grill cheese, pizza cheese, cream cheese or foil-wrapped cheese with their own specific characteristics.


  • Carbohydrate source

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