inci-name: Isohexadecane


Personal Care. When in combination with other chemical ingredients it can be used in different cosmetic products such as loose eyeshadows, liquid lipstick, liquid foundation, mascara for eyelashes, anhydrous products such as stick and bullet lipstick, dermoscosmetics in emulsion and conditioner in bar. Consistency agent, structuring agent, emollient, thickener, moisturizer, rheological modifier, spreadability promoter, viscosity regulator, suspender and vehicle. Isohexadecane typically contains 99.9% of highly branched C16 isoparaffins. It is a specialty oligomer with a viscosity 4,28 cSt at 40 C. Isohexadecane can be used as a solvent and also as heat transfer fluid when higher temperatures and lower pressures are required.

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